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Create a keepsake by capturing your moment in time using my 3D casting services. Contact Crafty Chops Castings today for more information.



Raised Outprints/2D prints

These prints capture a detailed two-dimensional impression. This can be of your child’s footprints, hand prints, family sets, sibling compositions or pet paws. I will cast, craft and hand-paint every print in my studio. These prints can be framed or left free to hang on a wall.


3D Castings

I will use a quick and safe method to capture every detail of your or your child’s hands or feet in a cast. I will then dry out the cast and paint it according to your specifications. The cast can be placed inside a frame of your choice or left free-standing.


Family Casts

I will use a quick and safe method to capture every detail of your family members’ hands clasped together. I will then dry out the cast and paint it according to your specifications. The cast is then mounted on an oak plinth


Sibling Casts

There are two options available for sibling casts. I can either take an impression of your children’s hands clasped together and mount them on a solid wood plinth, or I can take individual casts of each child and mount them in a frame of your choice.


Pet Casts

I will take either a print of your pet’s paw or a full cast using a safe moulding material. This will capture every detail of the paw. The print will be then cast, which will capture either a 2D or 3D impression. The print/cast can then be decorated with a selection of finishes once it is fully dried. There is also an option for a home visit for this type of casting.


Bump Casts

I use only top-quality materials to produce bump casts. I will use quality moulding material to cover your stomach, which will take an extremely detailed impression. I will then cast your bump. This will create the perfect surface to decorate with any finish of your choice.


Silver Jewellery

Crafty Chops Castings now creates personalised silver fingerprint jewellery. My range of jewellery includes fingerprint charms, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, charms to fit Pandora products, key rings, dog tags and cufflinks.

Personalised fingerprint, hand/footprint jewellery is the perfect gift to mark any special occasion.

I can create a piece of jewellery for you that will capture the unique print of your loved one or pet forever – finished in a stunning silver design of your choice that will be loved and treasured for generations to come. I can even include your loved one’s handwriting.

All of my charms are handmade from 99.99% silver. The handprint and footprint range is suitable from birth; however please note that children under 6 months do not always have a well-defined fingerprint with a lot of detail. That being said the dimpled mould will still be unique to your child and just as precious.

Baby & Infant

Hand and foot framed£75
Hand and foot mounted on oak plinth£65
Hands and feet framed£110
Hand and foot framed with space for picture£90
Hands and feet framed with space for picture£135
Hand and foot outprint framed£65
Hand and foot outprint framed with space for picture£80
Hands and feet outprint framed£90
Hands and feet outprint framed with space for picture£110
Love FrameFrom £95
Hand and foot framed with wooden initial£81
All you need is love£80

Family Castings

Sibling hand hold mounted on oak plinth£65
Parent and child hand hold mounted on oak plinth£75
Family hand hold (2x adults 1x child*) mounted on ask plinth
*each additional child £10
From £90
Partner cast mounted on oak plinth£80
Partner cast framed£85
Sibling Frame£75

Pet Castings

Dog paw mounted on oak plinth£80
Dog paw outprint framed£50
Set of dog paws outprints framed£75
Set of dog paws outprints framed with space for a picture£90

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